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Where were you Born?
I was born in Worcester, MA.

Did you have influences growing up?
Yes, and No, my grandmother forced me to learn the piano along with learning music theory. I really didn’t unless you included Beautoven, Bach, Mozart and artist of the like. My child hood was something I liked to forget.

When did you start to take a hold of what you heard as far as music goes?
When I was younger, I could form chords on the piano and could easily sing harmonies to compliment my playing of the piano.

Started playing music when I was six years old. First I started playing the recorder (all of them). Then came the piano. That was the big moment in my life as in my love for music. My grandmother forced me to learn how to play. During that time I became patient and far more understanding than I could have been. I didn't like playing. Hurt the fingers to much. When I was done, I could play Bach, Brahms, Handle, Mozart, Beethoven and other known classical figures. I learned a lot from my grandmother and because of those teachings, I find myself more secure in life. After the piano I learned how to play the trumpet and the french horn in the high school marching and regular band. While I was at it, I took chorus and began to sing. Then after I graduated from high school I discovered guitar. My influences at the time were Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Mott the Hoople, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Thin Lizzy, Grateful Dead and many more. During this time I started to discover my voice and my ability to write and sing songs. I formed some bands during that time and played some small gigs. It was a real learning curve during those times. I found myself entering a talent show and coming in first. My first place got me on Dave Maynard's Community Auditions show on television. Then it was off to the Boston Commons to play a kids fair. Good times back then. In my late twenties to early thirties I started to get a little more serious with my music and put together a real band called Second Sun. Gigged around New England playing such places as CBGB's New York and Mama Kin's in Boston. Later on I started to get a little burned out from all the giging. I was playing all my originals and not really making a lot of money. Didn't really bother me about the music, it was some of the members were starting families and my business was getting busy. We were starting to get real tight, you know. Anyhow, here I am 2010. I never took advantage of the opportunities.

Interview done by Moon Dust Records